Content Development for Thought Leaders

Each day there are approximately 92,000 articles published on the internet.

Most of them create little or no value, and only briefly capture the attention of their audience.

“Attention is a bit like real estate, in that they're not making any more of it. Unlike real estate, though, it keeps going up in value. Waste it --with spam, with a worthless offer, with a lack of preparation, and yes, with nervous dissembling, then you are unlikely to get another chance.”

- Seth Godin

When it comes to thought leadership, that attention is even more precious. Your audience is looking to you for expertise, to see what trends are coming, to make sense of the industry or landscape, to understand what they can do to stay competitive. The biggest mistake you can make is to create poor quality content.

What’s the difference? Preparation, strategy, and creating value through original insights are what establishes credibility. That credibility leads to business partnerships, showcases company culture, attracts amazing talent, and initiates + supports valuable relationships with journalists, analysts, and investors.

That’s where we come in
Our passion is working with entrepreneurs and executives to create or fine tune strategy and deliver original, high quality thought leadership content.

Amy M Tobin

Amy Tobin has a background in business and marketing. Her specialties include: generational insights, leadership, and team building. She's done everything from building her own company to working with F500s. 

Joe Cardillo

Joe Cardillo lives and breathes all things technology + startups, and has a background that includes content creation / marketing, product & project management, and journalism. 

How it works

We'll help you develop a strong, trustworthy editorial voice and and develop content that is targeted for your audience, has a specific purpose, and is grounded in research. 

To begin, we’ll conduct an hour long needs analysis (fancy talk for: digging deep to understand your audience, what data in your industry is most compelling, where you fit in the ecosystem and what the opportunity is, etc).

Then, we'll deliver: 

  • A content strategy that fits your goals - including editorial voice, guest posting strategy, pitches for each publication, and keywords & SEO approach

  • Ideation, research, and writing for 2 pieces of blog content ranging from 800 - 1200 words

  • Ideation, research, and writing for 2 additional pieces of blog content targeted for publications of your choice (Entrepreneur, Harvard Business Review, Inc. Mag, etc)

  • Ideation, research, and writing for 1 whitepaper or presentation to accompany your other content

 2 rounds of revisions are included with each piece. 

Cost: $5.5k / $3k once content strategy established  - turnaround of 3 weeks


Content Strategy

If you’re already creating your own content but don’t have a strategy, we can help. 

We’ll work with you on a one-time basis to develop an overall content strategy, including audience profiling, voice + persona, targeting publications that best fit your goals, and outlines for two blog posts that you can use as a template for your thought leadership efforts. 

$3.5k - turnaround of 3 weeks


Ideation and Research

If you already have a content strategy and simply need to quickly develop your own content, we’d be happy to help.

We’ll ideate, research, and write four pieces of blog content + 1 whitepaper or presentation to accompany your other content

$3k - turnaround of 2 weeks

* Additional services available on request, including op/ed pieces, speechwriting, book editing, case studies, and design. 


A broad and strategic thinker, Joe’s ability to see issues from multiple angles enables him to create new insights. He brings a fresh and innovative perspective to any topic he approaches, and always develops well researched and thought-provoking content.
— Rebecca Todd, Ivey Publishing

Ready to learn more? Send a note and tell me what you're working on. 

Joe is able to connect with customers and coworkers because of his ability to tell a story through his work. Whether it’s customer development, content creation or analytics, Joe is passionate about viewing his work though a journalistic or storytelling lens.
— Allison McCartney, Brown Institute for Media Innovation
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